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Mission Statement:

To allow Sean to continue to help others through education, suicide prevention, mental health awareness, as well as supporting his passion for good sportsmanship, kind deeds and athletics! 


On January 23, 2019 our hearts were broken and our lives were shattered. The
world stopped making sense as the unimaginable happened to our family. We
lost Sean to suicide.


As a Family, we were built on a strong foundation of endless, unconditional love.
On that fateful day, we lost an intricate piece of us. As with a Jenga tower that
loses its base, our family was no longer stable. As we teetered and fell apart, we
received an outpouring of genuine love and support. Through that, we were
taught that we could be CulleyStrong even in our weakest times. We could be
CulleyStrong even when we cried, when we questioned, and when we grieved.
We will never be the same, but with our community we have been finding new
ways to stabilize this forever changed tower that is our family. In our highs and
in our lows, we are building a place where the world can feel Sean’s special
touches and find their own strengths...where they can feel CulleyStrong.


As we keep Sean’s memory and honor in our hearts and in our minds, we
created The CulleyStrong Foundation (a recognized 501(c)(3), to allow Sean to
continue doing something he loved—help others.

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